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Les options du Kit LAD

Second pump kit
Emergency pump for electronic injection kit on Rotax 912
Redundancy to give you peace of mind


Emergency fuel pump to handle a malfunction of the main pump.

May be used via a selector switch or managed by the SAGAPE kit.

If the emergency pump is triggered it is imperative to diagnose the cause of the problem before the next flight.

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SAGAPE kit for the management of fuel pressure anomalies on the Rotax 912 electronic injection
Automatic fuel pressure anomaly management system (SAGAPE)


Operation : through the fuel pressure sensor, the computer monitors pressure in the fuel circuit in real time. In the event of a pressure drop below a programmed threshold (due to a failure of the N°1 pump or a plugged pre-filter), the computer will automatically:

- Shut off power to pump n°1

- Start pump N°2

- Turn on the warning light on the instrument panel


If the emergency pump is automatically triggered it is imperative to diagnose the cause of the problem before the next flight.

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Buffer tank kit
LAD Aero Injection kit | Options.jpg
The solution for the fuel circuit!


This kit is intended for machines (mainly high wings) that have several tanks and for which it is not possible to have a fuel return line on each tank.

The fuel flows by gravity from the wing tanks to the buffer tank. The supply and return circuits of the injection system are connected to the buffer tank.

A tube placed at the upper part of the buffer tank and connected to a high point of a wing tank provides degassing of the buffer tank.

Capacity: 1 Litre | Weight: 500 gr with connections

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• Overall dimensions 87.5 x 87.5 x 36.3 mm |  Weight: 120 grams |  Power: 12 volts
• Dimension of perforation required to mount device leaving only 5.0 mm protruding: 80.5 x 80.5mm
• Dimension of perforation required to mount device leaving 17.0 mm protruding: 52.0

Display Option
LAD Aero Injection kit | Display options
Engine parameters display


This display connected to our engine management computer allows display of the following parameters:

• Speed in revolutions per minute (RPM)

• Consumption in litres/hour

• Fuel gauge in 0.01 litre

• Throttle position

• Intake pressure (Mbars or inches of mercury)

• Water temperature

• Battery voltage

• Lambda value

• Low fuel level and minimum fuel level warning light
• Hour meter


Configurable parameters

• Screen brightness

• Water temperature warnings

• Low fuel level gauge warnings (steady red LED)
   and Minimum level (blinking red LED)

• Low battery voltage warning
• Calibration coefficient of the consumption display

The Lambda probe
Sonde lambda kit injection rotax 912

Lambda λ conditioner and probe


The lambda probe:

  • ensures an ideal air/fuel ratio in all operating conditions.

  • reduces toxic emissions

  • reduces fuel consumption


The “conditioner” is a small interface unit that conditions the signal from the probe so the computer can understand it.


Use of the probe allows management of injection time to be refined and gains a few percents of margin that we are forced to leave. It also compensates for fuel differences that may exist between countries.

Operation :

The probe is placed in the exhaust gas flow to measure the oxygen level of exhaust gases in real time.

The computer receives this information and calculates the lambda value which it compares with a predefined goal table in memory. It then adjusts the injection time, if necessary, to continuously obtain the ideal richness.

The only restriction is not to use "leaded" fuel (100LL) because it reduces the life of the probe. Two or three full tank of leaded gasoline are enough to destroy the probe !

Montage kit injection LadAero rotax 912


We decided to deliver the most sensitive items of this kit (fuel rail, throttle body, speed reading target and fuel pressure regulator assembly) pre-assembled to facilitate installation and ensure optimal operation of these items.


This kit was designed to be installed by a mechanic or informed amateur.

If installation puts you off or scares you, we can do it for you.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information

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